Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine Present

2 Majolica Ware Bowls

Valentine's Weekend

We had such a great weekend. I started out by heading to Hebron, Kentucky to speak at the Visiting Teaching workshop. I was supposed to speak last year but we had a terrible blizzard the night before and we were grounded.
I had a terrific time with the sisters there. That is truly the best thing about my calling, I can go all over the place and the sisters are wonderful and welcoming.
After I got home, Greg and I exchanged gifts (he went back to Sur le Table and got 2 majolica ware bowls I admired the last time I was there.) We also went out for Chinese Food for lunch since we did not want to battle the evening crowds. The evening was pretty quiet, so that was nice.
Sunday we were invited by President Jensen to be on the stand when the Milford ward was divided. It is now the Milford Ward and the Little Miami Ward. It was a great blessing to be there and witness the growth of the Lord's kingdom. We also enjoyed visiting with all of our friends. It always amazes us that we are here!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Projects that I finally finished

I finished up a bunch of booties so they are ready to give away on a moments notice.
The dollies are happy in their Amish Crib.

Antique Fun

hey Dad, do you remember this silverware pattern? I found only these two pieces. I have plans for a shadow box when I get back to SL.
Some other silver I bought. Love the baby spoon and the lettuce fork on the right.
Here is a little silver on brass sugar bowl I am making into a pin cushion. I'll put it on again when I finish it.
One of the two heirloom baby dresses I found.
Neckline details with embroidery, entredeaux and needlework scalloped edging.

Favorite antique baby dress

This is my favorite dress of the two I found.
I love the fine embroidery, the tiny little pin tucks and the needle lace scallops on the neckline.
This is the bottom with the same sweet embroidery and the needle lace scallops on the scalloped hemline.

February Fun - Week 1

Went Antiquing on Tuesday. What wonderful therapy!!! I loved this little vinette and found a darling little silver on brass sugar bowl to make a pin cushion out of.
THE VOLCANO. When I was growing up we had a coffee maker like this one. It sounded like a volcano early in the morning. Thank goodness that coffee doesn't taste like it smells or it might be a temptation, but it is still one of those "comfort smells" that I go down the coffee isle of the grocery store to enjoy.
This is "Hawk". He landed in the woods and hung out for the afternoon. Everyone else was laying low except the fiesty little male cardinal. Isn't he gorgeous!?!